Tutu - the artist

My name is "Tutu" and I'm a pop art artist from Berlin, Germany.

The name Tutu comes from a further speech impediment of my brother who said "Tutu" instead of "Ute". 


I opened my own pop art store in 2012 (Berlin-Kreuzberg) where I show my art and sell my own posters, pictures and more. My aim with the store was to make people more open minded to visit galleries.



Do you have any questions or like to get in touch with me ? Here you can send your request.

Tutu's-World - Pop art store

In my pop art world I show and sell my art. I print posters from every picture and sell them for a low price so everybody can afford my art. 

I would describe my Store as a happy place with great music. Most people who visit the place are overwhelmed about all the colorful pictures. After a couple minutes they relax and start to discover all the small things in the pictures. I have the pleasure to meet different people from all over the world and I get so much positive feedback. Meanwhile I receive my own postcards from costumers who send them from their hometown. Thank you so much for that ! 

Address: Mittenwalder Straße 16, 10961, Berlin / Germany

For a french review you can visit this website.